19JulHow to Create a Digital Marketing strategy for SMEs in Nigeria

How to Create a Digital Marketing strategy for SMEs in Nigeria

SME’s (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) have different marketing requirements; either they do it online or offline, or they do both. It is very clear what their specific goals are as well as short and long-term goals – Customer acquisition. Digital marketing strategy, an integrated approach to online marketing, is a key component of every business’s overall...

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19Julhow do i become a digital marketer

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

Technology is constantly evolving, prompting marketers and entrepreneurs to go into digital marketing to increase brand awareness, reach their target market, and ultimately drive sales and profit.  With the way Digital Marketing has gained massive popularity in recent years, it’s no surprise that the need for skilled digital marketing professionals is increasing.  Digital marketing skills...

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1Julfuture of digital marketing jobs

What’s The Future of Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria?

Digital Marketing is the process of using digital channels and platforms, to market products and services to both consumers and businesses. This type of marketing creates a sense of balance with customers, as you can communicate with them, giving informative results, and educating them about the product or services a company offers. Digital Marketing has...

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24Junhow to set up google ads campaign

Google Ads Hack: How to Set Up Google Ads Campaign Easily

Businesses have gotten big success with Google Ads (Adwords). Taking that first step looks like an easy choice, and it actually is but many stops short when they see the requirements. You have to bid on keywords, set a budget, create campaigns, and use extensions! If you’re just getting started, you might be terrified of...

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24Juncareer in digital marketing

How to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing

Have you been hesitant to start your career in digital marketing? If so, what were your reasons for being hesitant? Starting a career in digital marketing is great because there is always a demand for people who know how to market. When starting a career in the digital marketing landscape, being a part of the...

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24Jundigital marketing companies in nigeria

Top 11 Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria

Digital Marketing has become prevalent as digital platforms have become increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and daily life. It’s relevant to understand that to remain at the top of your game in today’s market; you need to create and maintain a strong online presence. Digital marketing provides you with the tools you need to be...

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13Junscope of digital marketing

The Scope of Digital Marketing in 2021

Marketing techniques have definitely evolved from what we knew back in the day. The ways in which consumers get information have changed. It all began with Radio advertising which led to TV advertising, which then shifted to digital marketing with the rise of the internet. Then the pandemic of last year drove the scope of...

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10Junskills that will make you a better digital marketer

6 Skills That Will Help You Become a Better Digital Marketer In 2021

Digital marketing is a professional field where you can utilize your skills and knowledge to help other people or organizations. It is a very interesting career path. Digital marketers have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world. You can work when and where you want. Be your own boss. If you’re a...

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10Junbenefits of digital marketing for small businesses

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Any businesses, including small brick-and-mortar businesses, ought to be taking advantage of digital marketing right now. Marketing online has offered lots of opportunities for small businesses, even to those with a small budget. Digital marketing can be done on any budget and scale up as the business grows to continue fitting the business’s needs. Digital...

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6Junways to market yourself

Personal Branding Strategies: 8 Ways to Market Yourself Online

Many people have a difficult time putting themselves out there, many of you also fail to express yourselves, which can hold us back from achieving our goals. Personal branding strategies is the number one way to get project from clients, and making the profits necessary to maintain a livelihood. Regardless of your job, you have...

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