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In a short while, Digital marketing has become a multi-million dollar industry, and a lot of people are frequently switching careers to become digital marketers. Digital Marketing jobs are very dynamic and unique so if you are seeking Digital Marketing jobs in Lagos you have to be up to date with the trends and follow up with constant changes in market flow like the never-ending change in Google Search Policies.

In a city as busy as Lagos, Nigeria with a lot of competitive businesses, A digital marketing expert is required by various businesses to be ahead of their competitors. No matter your industrial discipline or background, once you can have a full grasp of what Digital Marketing is and you have practical experience, There are digital marketing jobs in Lagos available for you to apply for and a lot of these jobs do not even require a Degree or some classy certifications.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is assigned the responsibility to develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns that highlight and promote a company and its products and/or services. Such Individuals play a key role in ensuring there is strategic awareness about the brand within the digital space as well as making sure quality website traffic is generated and transcends into leads and customer retention. A digital marketing manager is also required to identify and keep up with new digital technologies and has an expert understanding of web analytics tools to measure site traffic to better optimize marketing campaigns.


  • Designing and monitoring all aspects of digital marketing including email, SMM, SEO, and advertising.
  • Handle the development of campaign budgets and monitor progress.
  • Create contents plan for social media platforms.
  • Provide accurate reports on marketing campaign performance.
  • Calculate the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns, over individual goals (ROI and KPIs).
  • Work with the advertising and media experts to ensure improved marketing results.
  • Keep track of the latest digital trends and technologies in the industry.
  • Take an assessment of important metrics and work with their team to identify new and innovative growth strategies.
  • Coach and mentor junior Digital Marketing Manager in the company.

Salary Range

Digital Marketing Manager in Lagos may get around ₦170,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced manager can earn over ₦400,000 every month.

Digital Marketing Strategists

Digital Marketing Strategists are usually serving as assistants to Digital Marketing Managers and are tasked with ensuring effective designing and implementation of the organization’s marketing plans and strategies and make sure all marketing goals and objectives are achieved. Digital Marketing Strategists often choose to only specialize in certain areas, such as SEO, PPC, or Social media marketing. nevertheless, they can decide to have a general digital marketing experience.


  • work with Marketing, Sales, and Product development teams to ensure digital media campaigns goes according to business goals
  • Ensure a reputable online brand presence is established.
  • Supervise the management of all social media channels.
  • Suggest and implement direct marketing methods and strategies for improved growth.
  • Perform Competitor analysis and gather insights on how to beat their growth.
  • Study and stay up to date with new trends.
  • Coach and mentor junior Digital Marketing Strategists in the company

Salary Range

Digital Marketing Strategists in Lagos may get around ₦160,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced strategist can earn over ₦300,000 every month.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers are in charge of communicating with the company’s customers across various social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. Social Media Managers are expected to be familiar with analytic tools and be able to understand how customers interact with their brand.


  • Implementation of various social media strategies that will fit the brand’s business goals.
  • Engaging social media followers, responding to their queries on time while sharing informative, helpful, and engaging content around the brand.
  • Develop a creative content calendar and put outposts on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • understand consumer engagement rates and impressions using social media analytical tools and be able to make recommendations for advanced strategies.
  • Suggest social-media story ideas to editorial teams and keep everyone apprised of breaking news and trending topics.
  • Give comprehensive reports of social media performance through analytics gathered using inbuilt analytics tools.
  • Staying up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media.
  • Coach and mentor junior Social Media Managers in the company.

Salary Range

Social Media Managers in Lagos may get around ₦120,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced manager can earn over ₦200,000 every month.

Content Developers

Content Developers handle the ideation and creation of compelling content from website copy, blogs, social media posts, etc. A Content Developer is expected to add value by engaging customers and handling a reputable brand voice. A Content developer should understand keyword research and know-how to create SEO content that can improve.


  • Writing of marketing copy to promote the company’s products/services.
  • Regularly produce various content types, including email, social media posts, blogs, and white papers.
  • Actively manage and promote the company blog, and pitch articles to relevant third-party platforms.
  • Researching industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and case studies).
  • Proofreading and editing of blog posts and other articles written by other members of the team.
  • Submitting of works to editors for inputs and approvals.
  • Conducting keyword research using various tools and using SEO guidelines to increase web traffic.
  • Updating the company’s website content when needed.
  • Collaborate with other departments to create innovative content ideas.
  • Create content marketing campaigns to drive leads and subscribers.
  • Coach and mentor junior Content Developers in the company.

Salary Range

Content Developers in Lagos may get around ₦100,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced manager can earn over ₦150,000 every month.

Search Engine Optimization Expert

SEO experts are tasked with handling search engine optimization and in some cases paid marketing(PPC) of an organization. A Search Engine Optimization Expert’s job is to ensure that the content from websites for their companies they work with is found at the top results when audiences search for such content using search engines like Google, Bing, Diabu, etc. They are often required to create research Keywords and manage PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaigns like Google ADS, build credible backlinks and work on improve Domain Authority among others.


  • Analyzing keywords powerful keywords among competitors and how to rank higher.
  • Running Paid campaigns like Google ADS.
  • Provide Effective keywords for content developers.
  • Build trustworthy backlinks.
  • Staying abreast with the newest Search Engine guidelines as regards white hat and black hat SEO strategies.
  • Compiling and presenting SEO guidelines.
  • Coach and mentor junior SEO experts in the company.

Salary Range

SEO experts in Lagos may get around ₦200,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced manager can earn over ₦400,000 every month.


Designers are responsible for social media images, flyers, and infographics. They are required to be very vast in designing. Designers are focused on understanding the audiences and creating designs that are appealing to the Audiences.


  • Create original graphic designs for the company’s branding.
  • Introduce clients to their business goals and objectives using designs.
  • Work with the Social media and content team to create content.
  • Coach and mentor junior designers in the company.

Salary Range

Designers in Lagos may get around ₦150,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced manager can earn over ₦500,000 every month.

Digital Business Analyst

A Digital Business Analyst carries out business analysis around their company’s industry/market to understand the trends and what goals to set. They are expected to gather valued pieces of information and make evaluations that improve sales. You should be able to understand our client’s business needs and creatively create solutions that help them achieve their goals whilst driving strategic transformation and introducing innovation and disruptive technologies and methods.


  • Send detailed reports of business needs and requirements to major stakeholders.
  • Liaise with the technical team and ensure their works are going as requested.
  • Identify key trends from various data collected and analyzed and write reports on how they could be effectively utilized.
  • Monitor and manage Market research studies that go in line with plans.
  • Handle communication with the customer about the project delivery in the representation of the technical team.
  • Manage the integration and usage of new technologies that assist the improvement and growth of the business.
  • Advice stakeholders on the need to adopt different technologies.
  • Coach and mentor Digital Business Analysts in the company.

Salary Range

Digital Business Analysts in Lagos may get around ₦150,000 monthly depending on their negotiating capability but a prolific and experienced manager can earn over ₦350,000 every month.


Some jobs fall under the scope of Digital Marketing. Getting a digital marketing job in Lagos can be quite hard as there are a lot of Highly Skilled individuals so It is important to constantly LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN and put your knowledge into continued practice to be able to build a strong and credible profile so you can have a competitive edge in when seeking a Digital marketing job in Lagos.

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