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We are very familiar with that question of what do you want to become when you grow up? Most times, we don’t always end up being that professional or being in that profession we thought we would be when we were young.

Everybody wants a promising career these days and it is so obvious that you wouldn’t want to be in that career that doesn’t have any job security as well. Well, taking into consideration that this is a digital era, we can say that a career in digital marketing is good enough. It has also created a lot of buzz in the marketing era and it surely ensures a bright future for anyone who chose it as a career.

Digital marketing is a growing business and field with lots of opportunities for you to grow and expand your knowledge.

Here are some steps to guide you in starting a career in digital marketing:

1. Get to know and understand the basics of digital marketing 

Digital marketing is broad and includes all marketing channels and methods you can use to promote products and services on the internet. For starters, it is very necessary to understand what digital marketing is and what makes up digital marketing. There are different digital marketing channels such as:

  • SEO( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

A good digital marketer should have the basic skills to work with the above channels.

Don’t begin to get worried or stressed, you have to learn from day 1, digital marketing course is usually self-explanatory and is easy to understand, so find a training center to get started on your digital journey and I strongly recommend Odigital Academy to do a perfect job putting you through your digital marketing journey.

2. Get as much practice as you can

As you begin to understand the basics, the next step is to get your practice game on, and starting your own website is one good way to go about it. Digital marketing is highly measurable and practical and not just a theoretical concept. it is important to apply what you know

Having your own website is a great way to showcase the different concepts that you have learned. You could also join an agency and try to get as more practical work as you can. Practice makes perfect.

3. Master Facebook Advertising

I don’t like to call names but you will be an asset to any company if you are well proficient in Facebook advertising. It’s one problem a lot of companies have and if you can bring solutions to this problem, you become valuable.

Social media marketing is essential for any digital marketing specialist and Facebook Ads is the most effective platform for digital marketers. While you can use other social media networks, the majority of your time and resources will be allocated to Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is now one of the most important tools in social networks for digital marketing, so it’s best you get acquainted with knowing how it works.

4. Intern with an established digital marketing agency

Another great way to sharpen your writing skills is to work for a real marketing agency. This way, you’ll learn a lot about different marketing campaigns and have the opportunity to really develop your abilities

This is highly recommended because you will get to learn how a modern digital marketing agency works and you can use some of their practices if you decide later to start your own agency or join another company as a digital marketing expert.

It’s important to have the right processes in place so you can increase your productivity and focus on high-value activities. If you can’t get the opportunity of being an intern, trying freelancing networks, and put your skillset to the test, this builds up experience for you and even makes it easier when you apply for a job. Companies love to see that you already have experience handling a job.

5. Become an expert in any of the digital marketing channels mentioned above

Knowing all of the digital marketing channels is very skillful but becoming an expert in one will make you stand out. As digital marketing continues to expand, the best marketers will be life-long learners who are hungry to develop and invest in new digital marketing skills. There are so many good options to pick from, so select one and master it.

To stay relevant in the digital marketing world, you need to keep learning and improving your skills and this brings me to the next step.

6. Stay informed of new updates and never stop learning

It’s important to keep learning, especially in this industry. Don’t think of yourself as a fixed object. Instead, try to see yourself as a growing and evolving entity. Stay up to date on new developments and feel free to explore your areas of interest.

Digital marketing changes fast, but using effective strategies doesn’t and this means that if you decide to follow a career in digital marketing, you should know that you will be learning every day

In summary, starting a career in digital marketing is a great choice. There is greater demand for digital marketing professionals than ever before, and the job is rewarding and it’s a job you can do on your own as a freelancer or by joining a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing skills are in high demand and the beautiful thing is that you require little or no prior knowledge, you can start by building the required skills using online resources. It is also one such career that does not require a specific degree. Digital marketing is not a ‘single thing’ that you learn by taking a course and then get to work. If you are starting out now, your first should be to build your skills.

Many disciplines make up digital marketing and you should be knowledgeable in all of them, be an expert one or more if you want to reach the higher end of the pay scale. The best way to learn digital marketing is by experimenting and practicing.

Once you understand the basics, you are on your way to mastering them. Do not hesitate to join an established digital marketing agency as an intern if the opportunity arises. It will be worth it.

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