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Many people have a difficult time putting themselves out there, many of you also fail to express yourselves, which can hold us back from achieving our goals. Personal branding strategies is the number one way to get project from clients, and making the profits necessary to maintain a livelihood. Regardless of your job, you have to market yourself to get ahead. As long as you are talking about marketing yourself, it is all about branding and you must be the first person your customers think of when they have a problem related to your field.

You will also have to note that, there is a big difference between marketing yourself and marketing a business, you can always get rid of one business and start a new one with a new name and identity, but you will always have your face, your personality, and your reputation. As with other aspects of your life, you have to be mindful of how you go about marketing yourself.

Before you market yourself and wanting to be successful in it, make sure that you know what you are talking about. Likely, you don’t know everything about a subject, but when you do know something, you must tell others.

Another thing you have to consider is the willingness of putting yourself out there. If you aren’t willing to put yourself out there, you can’t be a successful marketer. But, if you feel like an expert in your field, that should give you the confidence that you need. The only way to become comfortable marketing yourself is to start marketing yourself.

Now, the question is how do you market yourself?

When you can implement just a few tried-and-true strategies, you’ll stand out from the pack. Here are 8 best ways you can market yourself online:

  1. Identify Yourself
  2. Seek Ways on Becoming an Expert
  3. Use social media
  4. Be Social Media Savvy
  5. Share Your Knowledge
  6. Write
  7. Seek Speaking Opportunities
  8. Be of Service to Others (Be beneficial to others)
  9. Remember Who You Are and Be True to Yourself


The first step of self-marketing is to discover who you are and what makes you different from others; what your interests are, what your passion is and what your talent is. Think about how you can engage in problem solving and innovation, then think about how you can do it more. One way to be more noticeable is to focus on the uncommon things you have to offer. You need to ask yourself if this path you have chosen identifies you better or you have to be more specific. Do your research and identify untouched areas. Create a few customer avatars describing the type of people you want to market yourself to


In marketing yourself, you need to establish yourself as trustworthy and an expert, and being an expert at something pays off. There is a lot of learning, studying, and re-learning to do.  Firstly, you need to find a mentor, then, start with what is important, practice all the time, and test yourself, lastly, get fast and know how to deal with negative feedback.

Make sure you are knowledgeable and readily available. Share your expertise by creating a knowledge base that helps people solve problems. Becoming an expert, you need to learn how to distinguish which facts are relevant and which aren’t. Also, you need to connect with and learn from other experts in your local area and around the world.


Social media platforms can be an incredibly powerful tool for outreach and advertising. They allow you to build up a network, a presence. When you share on social media, you can communicate directly with people who are interested in your content. And if the others love your content as much as you think they will, it can spread far and wide to people who aren’t even connected to you. One important thing to keep in mind is to know your audience. You can share your content on social media that you are writing for your website. Offer your opinion of current events and news that you are an expert in, be sure to get your work seen and your voice heard


Spend time on social media tools such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. You may choose to provide some of your expertise for free, such as via a blog or podcast. There are so many opportunities to share expertise for free, including blog posts, YouTube videos, speaking engagements, give valuable information, and people will get to like it and trust you in the future


If you don’t let people in on what you know, it’s like you have a lot of money sitting at home that you don’t know how to spend. As I said, people get to trust you when you share valuable information. The more information you give out, the more people will be inclined to reward you for it. Content marketing is one great way to build your brand, you need to take advantage of it by creating insightful and rich articles to post on your website and social media platforms. And don’t just post to your website — visit influential blogs in your niche or use sites like Quora to answer people’s questions and interact with the community. By helping your customers to educate themselves, they will see you as a reliable source of information and they will trust you more.


Write and share your thoughts publicly, this is another best way to build your name and your credibility. Write a post on LinkedIn, on Twitter, submit your piece online, put yourself out there and become searchable. Be sure to showcase all of what you know by writing articles and sharing them online. The more you write, the better known you would be which will help you build connections and get people to hire for jobs that are better suited to your skills and abilities. Make sure your writing is informative, well written, timely, and valuable to readers.


Public speaking opportunities are a great way to showcase your skills, another best way to market yourself. So, you need to leverage public speaking opportunities, so look for opportunities to guest-speak. When you get the opportunity to speak, remember at all times that you are marketing yourself, not selling a product. Your goal should be to build trust by sharing your knowledge with the audience. Think about how you might make a good impression on people you meet and who might help you. You can speak in person or online. You can record a YouTube video or be a guest expert for a webinar.

I know speaking publicly can be a little intimidating if you’re an introvert, but you can use your unique strengths to your advantage and focus on the following steps which will make it a bit easier:

  • Make a list of where your audience meet
  • Create an information sheet that can be used to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Start with small events you know you can handle and use that experience to improve. This will boost your credentials to speak at big


The more people trust you, the more they will be willing to seek your advice and guidance. Think of how you can be of service to them? Think of how you can be beneficial to them? Do your best to get to know your clients and help them solve their problems. You will be happier if you help others. It’s as simple as that. You can help someone start by setting up an internship, offer your talents to a local nonprofit, or mentoring opportunity


Never forget that there is real human interaction behind every marketing campaign. Know that every word you say and do will influence others. Just as an organization protects its brand, protect your reputation by being intentional about the words you speak and the actions you perform.

Remember that the best person who knows how to market yourself is YOU! You are a message to the world, so start now and set yourself apart, start thinking about your community involvement and how you’re helping others.


The best way to market yourself is to become an expert in your field, and there’s no shortcut to becoming one, you have to do the work. Now that we’ve covered the above strategies in this article, take action and make the changes. Give yourself the time you need to identify your goals and take an honest look at what’s needed to achieve them.

Do you need to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to social media promotion? Do you need to set aside a day for speaking engagements? Once you have mapped out your plan and committed to it, you will well and on your way to success.

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