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This page content talks about the best places, schools and online academy where you can learn digital marketing as a skill and become a professional in less than 6 months. Explore our list and choose the best place to master digital marketing.

So you’ve made up your mind to take this effective next step in your life. You want to start or switch to a new career or you just want to add more skillset to your repertoire. I assume you came about digital marketing somehow and it intrigued you, surprised you with its advantages and now you want to put in the time to fully learn it.

First of all that is good and we fully commend you on your first step of wanting to learn digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the new rave now, if a business isn’t online, it is definitely losing big time. Technology has changed the way companies must do business, and we saw how businesses that had little or no online presence crumbled during the pandemic.

It was an eye-opener for businesses all over the world as they switched 70 percent of their business online so that such an event won’t affect them negatively again. As a result, nowadays, it’s essential you have an online presence for your business to thrive.

Many companies are spending millions on their digital marketing campaign because they realize the importance of digital marketing and the returns on investment it can bring.

Anyone can learn Digital Marketing skills and start off to an amazing career.

So Where Can You Learn Digital Marketing?

Simple. You can learn at Odigital academy. At Odigital, we train absolute novices about digital marketing till they become experts. We are a worldwide training institute fully established in Lagos, Nigeria, and have trained over 500 people in digital marketing with a 93% success rate. And the number is increasing at a rapid rate.

Once you sign up for our classes, you will have access to both our offline classes and online classes. So even if you are in Abuja, Sokoto, Anambra or even America and Europe or as far as Asia, you won’t need to worry – our online class is designed for you in such a way that it is Self-paced with very flexible study hours because we understand how busy you might be.  As such because of how much we understand how busy your work schedule can be, we provide you with lifetime access to our courses.

We have a library of about 40 videos at our disposal that will teach you all you need to know about digital marketing from SEO marketing and management to Content marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, and so much more nuggets that we will teach you.

Our course usually takes 6 weeks but even after the duration of the course, we are always available to help and guide you if you have questions or face challenges or maybe have a digital marketing project you want an expert hand on. To us, we believe your success is our success.

Our digital marketing training in Lagos is open to everyone, whether you have experience already or you are a newbie or you are looking to advance your skills with professional certification in online marketing, you are all welcome. All you just need is a laptop and internet connection.

In our digital marketing training, you’ll learn the intricate details of marketing automation that’ll make your life simple. You will be able to comfortably use any of the popular digital marketing tools like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Buffer, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, SEMrush e.t.c. for your business or clients. You will be exposed to more advanced tools that’ll sharpen your digital marketing skills and make you market-fit for demanding organizations who’re in need of digital marketers.

This is because, throughout the entire course curriculum, you’ll have a lot of fun uncovering what would have taken you months or even years to try to figure out on your own.

Our mission is to pass on digital skills to all Nigerians and Africans at large and we won’t stop until we have achieved this feat.

If you’re a business owner, because we understand no one becomes an expert overnight, we will guide and mentor you until you can comfortably run digital marketing campaigns on your own even after you complete your program with us.

We’re a recognized and professional digital marketing Academy in Lagos and we pride ourselves to have tutored aspiring Digital Marketers like you across Nigeria. They took that bold step…and they never regretted it.

So why don’t you give us a chance and book your space right now let us turn you into a success!


104 Babs Animashaun Rd, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria


This Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, costs ₦100,000 for the physical session, and for the online session, it costs ₦50,000. This includes all digital marketing course materials and projects.


The intensive training lasts 6 weeks.

Now that you have an idea of where you can learn digital marketing within Lagos, it’s left to you to decided where to enroll into. What are you waiting for? We have limited spaces available, click here to access our digital marketing course and start learning.

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